Greetings to all who enter here.  My name is Elizabeth Bradshaw and I started this journal to pass along things I find amazing about the universe and share my projects and life experiences.

I am a veterinarian and have spent most of my existence involved in the sciences and research, but for that same amount of time I have been a student of the fine arts.  I don’t intend to sound pompous with this statement, and only put it here since I love both art and science, because ultimately I love learning.  The world is full of too many amazing things to not take time to smell the violets (which their ionone compound then temporarily removes your ability to smell :-)).

I also have a newly-hatched shop, Wishcraft Studio, which someday I hope will reach fledgling stage and ultimately take flight.  I’m new to proprietorship and selling my artwork, but my hope is to give others well-crafted pieces that carry stories with them, or come to earn stories in time.

Thank you for stopping by.