When I was designing my shop’s logo, I remembered an image I had already created in high school of a rabbit playing a mandolin.  Rabbits are my favorite animals for their wit and fun dispositions, and this one is my current rabbit, an English Spot named Hanna.  She will probably get her own blog posts and is the mascot of Wishcraft Studio.

Though I do not play the mandolin, I have always loved musical instruments because the way they are crafted makes them functional and beautiful.  When I was a little kid I made numerous tiny violins from cereal boxes and thread because my answer to life was to build things I didn’t have or that piqued my interest.  My goal for the shop is to sell things that are similarly beautiful and functional.

The stars represent making wishes, and the moon is one of the ancient alchemical symbols for silver (another is hidden in the constellation).  My current focus is working with silver clay, which becomes pure silver when heated.

All of these things together make the name and logo for Wishcraft Studio.