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Over the weekend while at the coast I finished a necklace for my grandmother.  She is an amazing woman who after 91 years still loves to learn new things, but is also willing to share how things were done in the past.  Her home cooking and chocolate cakes are not to be missed!

The kumihimo part of the necklace is made of white and peacock freshwater pearls, as well as pearlescent glass seed beads.  The large round beads in the strand are natural blue jade that has not been treated.  This kind of jade is hard to come by, and was prized by the Olmecs as well as the ancient Chinese.  In both cases it was usually reserved for royalty or the elite.  I made the necklace long since it is the style she usually wears, and without a clasp so she could easily slide it over her head.  I named it Oyster’s Secret because it was a surprise for her and because you never know what kind of pearl may be inside an oyster.