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Today’s will be a double post, the first of which is a new ring with crows and ginkgo leaves, dubbed “Thought and Memory”.  I named it for the ravens Huginn (“Thought” or “Spirit”) and Muninn (“Memory”) that brought the god Odin information each day about the world.  It’s just been placed in the etsy shop. Though I see crows year-round I associate them with fall and harvest time, which is why I mixed the golden yellow daisy with their color black.  My husband found the flower and was a good sport to locate photo spots and wait patiently while I took tons of pictures.Crows are one of my favorite birds (others being Barn Owls and Carolina Wrens, which will have their own pieces in time).  Above is all of the parts made in Sculpey with a needle for scale, before the ring was assembled.

Coming up next: Halloween fun, a side project, and costumes!