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Similar to Dr. Who (see epic TARDIS costume), my wonderful sister-in-law got us to watch the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series, and she got us hooked.  We diligently watch the new episodes, and following her footsteps I even made a little plushie pony (the source of the “Wishcraft” part of Wishcraft Studio, will post photos of her and the and pattern soon).  My sister-in-law is a talented singer under the name FauxSnyder, and she has been posting her pony-related songs on YouTube. You should check them out, even if you’re not a brony :-).

She convinced me to make pony charms in silver clay for the new and old fans, and they are now in the etsy shop.

So…much…glitter!  They are very shiny, but I added patina to bring out the details.  I like to imagine that they are old Equestrian medallions that were found lying around somewhere in the Everfree Forest.

As usual, these started out as little bits of Sculpey (which I fondly call my Pony Necco Wafers).  I wanted them to be representations of the three pony races, and so I did not try to make them specific characters.  The pegasus may resemble Rainbow Dash, but also Derpy, Daring Do, Silverspeed, Sunny Rays, etc.

I was really happy how these turned out, and I hope some pony fans will enjoy them too!  And of course, My Little Pony and its characters are the property of Hasbro.