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Now that Christmas has come and gone, it is time to start posting some of the plethora of Wishcraft Studio presents that made it under trees this year.  To begin, my aunt requested a needle felted sheep for my cousin, who has traveled in Scotland and loves sheep.  I chose to make a Blackfaced sheep because it is a common Scottish breed, and because I think they are adorable.  Though my cousin can name him/her whatever she wishes, I dubbed the little thing “Iona.”


The first step was to fashion a rough wire frame to make the sheep poseable.  The frame also made shaping the wool much easier.  It was my first time felting with Dorset wool, and it worked beautifully for puffing up the little ovine.  The Dorset was soft and spongy, and very elastic, weaving itself into a kind of stretchy yarn that held onto the wires.  I’ll probably use Dorset wool as a base for all of my projects from now on.



Once the ewe was at a healthy weight, it was time to add the outer layers, this time with Corriedale wool in black and white.  This wool is a bit stiffer, but smooth, and makes nice thin layers.


I wanted the sheep to have her classic curly locks, and the answer came in undyed lambswool.  Keeping the fine ringlets intact was probably the trickiest part of the project, but eventually the little ewe was fluffy and no longer nude.  A pair of glass shoebutton eyes and a golden bell, and she was ready for the farm.