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My father-in-law secretly commissioned a necklace from me for my mother-in-law for Christmas because she liked the style of a knotted necklace I had made.  I wanted the piece to look formal and delicate, and thought it would be neat to use silver and gold snake chains for weaving a Carrick Bend Mat.  Oh my naivety…


Was I pleased with how it turned out?  Yes.  Would I make another of these?  No.  I named it Woven Water because snake chains like to flow…with gravity…everywhere.  It took me four tries and lots of tiny pieces of tape to hold the three strands together and patiently weave them with little nudges from my fingers, tweezers, and toothpicks.  When created out of rope, a Carrick Bend knot holds itself together by friction and tension.  In this case, I had to resort to strategically-placed Krazy Glue.


Still, I think it is a neat piece, and I finished it off with a large coin freshwater pearl bead.  I included a dime in the photo for scale, because the knot is pretty tiny.

As this is my last post before 2013, I wish a Happy New Year to all!  365 days ago, I had no idea that I would create my own little artistic business, get to meet so many neat people, and experience all of the little twists that life had in store for me.  I have high hopes for 2013, and best wishes to you as well :-).