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Well, I have been back at miniatures again…I keep winning those quarter raffles, meaning I have to provide the prize for the next club raffle.  I had been wanting to try my hand at flocking miniature animals, and here is the story of my first attempt:

cat1I first sculpted a little cat out of beige polymer clay.  I was going for a slightly chubby creature.  She is about an inch tall.


I decided I wanted a calico cat, which meant adding a layer of white gesso.  I then painted the eyes and nose with acrylics and sealed the eyes with glossy varnish.  I used iridescent paint on the irises to give them a bit more glow.


cat4The last part was gluing on wool roving that I cut into powdery fur.  In the end, I maybe preferred the white version and will do the flocking differently next time.  I spent a lot of time with needlepoint forceps trying to get the stray black hairs that had gotten in the white areas, white hairs in the black areas, etc.  Still, I hope she makes someone happy, and it was a good experiment.