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This entry covers the last of the handmade Christmas gifts, and with it my escapades into doing different things with kumihimo pieces.  Huzzah!


This first one is called “Midnight Sonata,” made for my grandmother, out of metallic and iridescent seed beads.  I went with a darker necklace this time, since my last piece for her had been very light.

midnight1I tried something new and the majority of the length is made of coated beading wire spun around itself, coming back together at nodes made of crimp beads.  I did my best to catch the colors in the photos, as the beads really are pretty.

midnight3The next was for my mother, as she has some very nice coppery, earthy outfits.  This mix of browns and golds is called “Morning Vesper.”  For this and the next piece, I twisted wires strung with beads to make spirals.  Since the wires have some rigidity, they can be shaped to lay differently around the neck.


morning2The last one is called “Forest Glen” and went to my husband’s grandmother, a woman who I usually see in bright, happy colors.  I think the spiral technique is a bit easier to see in these photos.forest2


I hope you enjoyed seeing all of these, and next up, a Gemstone of the Week!