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I recently got in a rainbow of sapphire cabochons and plan to use all of them in a series of individual pieces I dubbed “The Court of Sapphires.”  The stones are a bit included, but I am having a lot of fun with the bright colors.

sapphiresHere is the first piece, which will be in the etsy shop soon, based on the wing of a Swallowtail butterfly.

butterfly2Butterflies were a big part of my teenage years, since I worked in an Insectarium and Butterfly House for most of high school.  I got to do everything…unpackage and hang up the chrysalises shipped from the farms in South America and Africa, manage hoards of screaming children, cover my apron in the drowsy and inebriated owl butterflies, the list goes on.  Early in the mornings, I would try not to trample the tropical foliage as I’d gather up the Morphos, Longwings, and other butterflies that had spent their short lifetimes for storage in the specimen collection, disposal, or sale, and then enjoy the few minutes of quiet before the doors opened.  I memorized each species we carried, and in all those years I never grew tired of the place.  We also had butterflies on our wedding cake :-).


I used 2mm-3mm sapphires transitioning from yellow to red, and I just need to put this long charm on a necklace to have it ready for sale.