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According to WordPress, this is my 50th post since starting the Wishcraft Studio blog last July.  I still hope my posts are entertaining, since that is my main goal.  I have some stories and updates waiting in the wings, but for this occasion, I thought it would be fun to traipse through history and give you my five favorite articles, in no particular order.  You can reach each by clicking the link in the title.


My Husband’s TARDIS Costume

edited15This one has to be my overall favorite, because I was pleased with how the costume came out and because I had delicious fun coming up with silly Doctor Who references.  It was also the first time I really got to use my new DSLR camera and the post shows the transition between my old digital (the building process) and the new one (the completed TARDIS).


Project Update: Sangria now in the shop!

sangria5After building a light box and trying to get better photos of my wares, I was feeling like Wishcraft Studio was becoming more and more like a real venture.  I spent a good two hours finding the proper rose, and any day I get to include Pansy in a post is a good day.


Needle Felted Sheep

etsy2I liked this one because I was able to show the steps that went into making the sheep, and because I thought she turned out so darn cute.


Miniature Silver Ocarina

ocarina3I have fond memories of this ocarina and of my husband helping me find photo locations on a mini date to the park.  He is always such a sweetie and there wouldn’t be a Wishcraft Studio without him.  I was also proud of myself for doing a more challenging silver clay piece.


First foray into needle felting, and introducing Hanna the rabbit!

hanna1Cute photos of an object on a disapproving rabbit’s head.  What more do I need to say?