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This was an impromptu project that I finished and gave to its new owner today.  My husband’s parents are off to Disney World tomorrow, and last night we came up with the idea of making his mom a silk scarf.  She loves puzzles, and I wanted to incorporate the idea of the Hidden Mickeys in the parks.

mickey1After some sketches and making puzzle piece cutouts from spare cardboard, I transferred the design to silk with a watercolor pencil.  I stayed up late applying the resist with help from my mom and the hubby.  The stretcher was a feat of modern engineering, and used the best $1 safety pins, rubber bands, and pushpins that money can buy.

mickey2We were going for bright colors, and I think we succeeded.  I made my husband outline and color one puzzle piece (the “Look Mom, I helped!” factor).  A quick ironing, wash, air dry, and press, and it was ready 30 minutes before its recipient walked in the door.

mickey3Happy Easter everyone!