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Wouldn’t you know it, I won another of those raffles at the miniatures meeting, meaning I had to come up with the prize for today’s drawing.  I have always loved the odd breeds of goldfish, bless their little mutant hearts, and thought I’d try to go really small.  Meet Steve the telescope goldfish!

montageSteve says hi.

The bowl is a glass bead, the plant is a twig covered in green flocking, and the fish and rocks are polymer clay.  A goldfish needs to be able to strut his stuff and I gave Steve a little extra sparkle with iridescent paint.  A scattering of sand on the bottom, aquarium decor in place, and it was time for filling the bowl with resin, I mean water…


Unfortunately, the resin got all bubbly and Steve might get gas bubble disease from the extra O2, but at least he can breathe now.  And he’s found a nice new home where he can sit on his pebble and watch his tiny world go by.

bowl3Adios, Steve!