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I finally got around to posting this one, but I am glad I waited because today’s rainy weather at the coast made for some satisfying photography.  I present the Silver Nautilus pendant.

nautilus8I found a great piece of silvery driftwood with lots of character and nooks and crannies for staging shots.  I am an amateur photographer, and every once in a while I get lucky (and sand in my shorts).

nautilus3This is a companion piece to the Sapphire Swallowtail pendant, which I also took along for pictures.  I wanted another nature-themed sculptural piece, something oceanic, and tried to incorporate the idea of a wave and a spiral seashell.


The nautilus is an amazing creature, with a shell made of chambers of increasing size.  As the animal grows it closes off its previous chamber, resulting in a beautiful, logarithmic spiral.  Mine isn’t that accurate, but I did make it septated.

nautilus7The piece is finished in a series of watery blue sapphire cabochons in settings made to resemble barnacles. This is a one of a kind necklace and is available in my etsy shop. sold!