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I realized as I was going through my photos to write Aria’s last post that I only really had one more to show of Aria, finished and looking curious.  I need to get her out for a real photo shoot, but for now, she rests on a sock in a box on my desk, four inches tall and ready for the world.  Aria Sena roughly translates to “evening song.”

ArialeveledHer top is green satin with a black lining.  Though you can’t see it, she has a petticoat under her skirt to puff it up, made of cotton, with the tiniest hemstitching and angel lace that I happened to come across.  I was so glad I stumbled across the freshwater pearl beads, which were so tiny that I left them on their original strand rather than restring them and lose half to my carpet.

I left Aria’s hair a little wild, tied back in a loose ponytail.  All in all I have to say her character and sense of style is unique, and not what I’d expected when I’d first thought of making a BJD those many months ago, but Aria is Aria, and I’m happy with that.