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While I have not forgotten that this blog was created for my jewelry shop, I have another long-term project that I wanted to share.

I have been a card-carrying member in some miniatures clubs for over year and seen a tiny bit of a national convention to know what is out there, but I have always felt like an outsider looking in.  It’s not the people, because everyone I have met has been very kind and generous.  It is more that I do not have a dollhouse or miniature scene and therefore feel odd calling myself an enthusiast.  Then I went to a club member’s home for a party and fell in love with her fine collection, particularly this little quarter scale beauty, which my camera did not do justice.

PatHouseI went home and immediately began sketching ideas for a thatched Tudor-style cottage.  I decided on adding a windmill because towers are interesting and I wanted the tower to do something.  A mill gives the excuse for the inhabitants to make lots of tasty breads and baked goods, and so half of the building will be a bakery.  This is all in my mind, mind you, and my intentions now may turn into impossibilities and improvisations in the future.  All I have right now are two pieces of foam glued together and sketches that have already changed.

plansBy chance I learned about the Undersized Urbanite contest, which conveniently starts on the 30th of this month and runs until May.  While the prize money would help defray the costs of the dollhouse, I am using it more as a gentle nudge to get this piece finished, meet new people, and keep up with blog posts.  I am still collecting materials and figuring out dimensions, and with my new job, school assignments, and trying to not forget about Wishcraft Studio, I think I can hold out on not starting the house until the official contest date.