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With most of the Christmas gifts, parties, and preparations done, I think my availability of time to do crafty pursuits is finally catching up with my desire to do them.  I have lots of fun projects in store, experiments that may or may not work, things to learn and teach, and I have made good progress on the dollhouse that I will be sharing.

doves3The two gifts I made for the miniature club’s Christmas party (which was super fun and full of good cheer) were stained glass windows, with a “Twelve days of Christmas” theme.  I had long wanted to try out my Gallery Glass paints because stained glass windows are going to be a big part of the mill cottage and I have to say I and the recipients were pleased with the results, such that the club wants me to teach a class.

doves2In my usual fervent rush to finish these on time, I only have photos of the completed pieces.  Each is a little over an inch square, with plexiglass for the windows and basswood frames (it was my first time staining wood, and I think I’m hooked).

pair1My husband prefers the two turtle doves, but I have to say I favor the partridge in a pear tree.  An unintended side effect was that I had the song in my head for more hours than is healthy (along with the redneck and other sundry versions).

In case I don’t blog before the 25th, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!