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I haven’t completely forgotten that this blog is to help exhibit my tiny jewelry business, and as Easter is around the corner, I have put my willow bunny pendant on sale!

outdoor1Basically the price now covers the cost of materials and $10 of it is still going to rabbit rescues.  This is a busy time of year for these organizations, as many rabbits end up in shelters not long after Easter, when people realize their cute balls of fluff do not stay tiny and non-destructive forever, and actually can live to be over 12 years old.  Hanna, my own rabbit, may have been an unwanted Easter bunny, based on how old she was when she was found as a stray.  Though I generally try to stay off of bandwagons, I have liked the “Make Mine Chocolate” idea of giving rabbit-themed gifts instead of live animals like chocolate bunnies, stuffed animals, and even jewelry *wink.*

hannapicHanna says you should totally go buy one…and that plastic eggs are slightly disturbing, but fun to roll around.