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I became so focused working on the dollhouse that I didn’t realize almost a month had passed between update posts!  I have been doing several smaller projects on the cottage at once, and will be posting as they are completed.

greenshopThe shop front received its dapper green paint job, done in layers of acrylic paint with some pastel dust and varnish to make it look aged. The bay window also got its frame of stained wood and run of brickwork, and the first of the miniscule LED lights has made its appearance (the dot to the left of the door frame).

To me the shop was not complete without its name blazoned in gold across the front.  I initially sought out water-slide decals, the kind used on model trains, but the color and size were just not quite right.  I earned a bit of an eyeroll from my husband (similar to when I proclaimed I was making tiny bricks), when I decided to cut a stencil and paint the 3mm letters on.  The only things I had with an adhesive backing were some “Hello my name is” name tags, which I unceremoniously taped to a sheet of paper and ran through the printer.  After spending some quality time squinting and brandishing an X-Acto knife, I had a tiny, stick-on stencil.


stencil2The stencil worked fairly well, and after some touch ups (during which the bunny insisted I pet her head with my foot, making the whole event a bit more challenging), the letters glowed just as they should.  I will be explaining the shop’s name in due course.

stencil3More progress pictures to come!