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Here is my entry for the Undersized Urbanite. The house itself still has a ways to go before it is finished (and it will be finished!), but I have the bakery nearing completion. It is the “space” I am entering for the contest.

house1I have to say things came down to the wire…The house wasn’t even assembled until about 2pm yesterday, and completing the circuits took another couple of hours, but as an electrician’s daughter, this house was going to have lights!

And what pretty lights they are… house3I will do a post on the light fixtures once I have all of them finished, but most of them were made of jewelry findings, including these glass cabochons.  There are two circuits in the house (one flicker for the candles and one solid glow), which made for a lot of snaking wires to hide.

house4And now, moving on to the bakery.

house2The wallpaper has its own story, namely, when your artist mother asks you if she can design the wallpaper in your dollhouse, let her, because it is going to turn out amazing. I had been trying to create different patterns using the GIMP, but after a couple of tries, I still wasn’t satisfied. A few minutes with my mom and she had sketched out the design on the back of an envelope, to become what you see here. And even better, she gave me some of her Arches watercolor paper, which is a French company that was founded in 1492, and still produces their papers in the same mill today. I made a digital version of her design and got it printed on the watercolor paper, which turned out beautifully.

shelfI knew the space was tight, but I really wanted a shelf behind the counter, so that when people looked through the front window they would see lots of bread. It wouldn’t hold much, but the owners would have taken advantage of whatever retail space they could. I wanted it to be simple and no frills, with beadboard at the back. I sat down for an evening and within a couple of hours of whittling and gluing I had the little beauty you see here.

I also got to make the counter, which will be home to an old-fashioned cash register and lots of tasty goodies.  Here it is before I stained it, so some of the detail can be seen. (I’m so proud of it!)

house5So you are probably asking yourself, “Where’s the bread?” Since I was running low on time I had to pick something to leave out, but rest assured, the bakery will be brimming with loaves and pastries soon!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂