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hand1I took advantage of a respite between classes to do crafty things, and this is my most recent challenge: a 1:24 rocking chair for my Tudor cottage. And yes, much to my husband’s chagrin, I kept shirking my cleaning duties over the weekend to play with tiny bits of wood while he slaved away as Laundrymaster et al. In my defense, a cozy cottage needs a well-worn rocking chair.

chairpiecesThis chair carries a fun little story, in that 70% of it is made of coffee stirrers. My coworkers and I were recently in Indianapolis at a conference, and one morning we visited a neat Café for breakfast. After I remarked the establishment’s coffee stirrers would make great fodder for dollhouse miniatures, my friends scouted out additional ones during our trip, such that I had a tidy stash of pilfered beverage paraphernalia by the time we touched down in NC. Not wanting to disappoint, I used them as much as I could. Everything except the upright posts and the runners had been intended to swirl someone’s morning brew.

unstainedI made the runners by carving and sanding thicker strips of wood into slight curves, soaking them in hot water, and taping them around a drinking glass to dry. Just like when you did basketweaving in elementary school :-).

I did cheat a little and referenced this piece of Americana as the inspiration, but in looking up chairs from the Tudor period, they seem to share a similar simplicity and angular design. My version is 2″ tall.artsychairI went for an old oak stain and my husband immediately picked a wine red swatch out of my collection of fabrics. He might have worn an aqua suit coat with a lavender shirt and polka-dotted bow tie this past Easter, but his interior design choices are never wrong.

windowI think it just needs a cozy blanket and a side table with tea…Oh, and a roof…Working on that one.