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Hanna enjoyed being treated like even more of a diva on International Rabbit Day this Saturday, and it got me to thinking that there isn’t nearly enough Hanna on this blog. She’s the mascot, after all, and she brings a lot of happiness to my life. A lucky twist of fate brought a roving, homeless beach bunny and an inland veterinary student together five years ago, and I think she knows she is going to be spoiled and snuggled for the rest of her days.

Here’s a bit of adorableness I got to witness a couple of weeks ago, and this is what having a house rabbit is like (at least when they are being very good and cute, and not eating your sofa). I apologize for the thin viewing area, as it came off of my phone, and for my enthusiastic narrative in the background. Hanna has always liked having an audience, even on the day I brought her home as a half-feral youngster, and nothing gets her performing like cheers and laughter.

We put that fuzzy blanket on the floor a couple of weeks ago and she loves it.  (In fact, she is on it now, redecorating.)  We lay it out completely flat and she always proceeds to bunch it up, nest in it, dance ecstatic binkies over it, and generally enjoy its company.

That was the silliness component, and the appreciation component is that I just crossed 100 followers on this blog! A heartfelt thank you to everyone, and I hope I can continue to amuse, engage, and if I’m lucky, inspire.