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My humble apologies for the extended radio silence…I have told more than one person that I have very little idea where October went. Classes and work had me booked and bushed, and I am only now beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I intend to make the holidays gloriously fun, family-filled, and lazy.

Before I get back to blogging about miniatures and gemstones, here’s another Hanna story to hopefully brighten your day.

Bunnies are known for having four sweet teeth (yep, those big ones at the front), and Hanna has been an apple fiend (and petty thief) since day one. On that fateful day, I had sliced an apple for myself and for bribery in exchange for her trust, and when my back was turned, Miss Too-Cool-For-School got on her tiptoes and pilfered my stash from the coffee table.

Almost exactly like this:


It’s funny…almost every example I could find of rabbits stealing food had English Spot in their genetics.

Well, I have been able to put her sweet-sleuthing senses to good use these past couple of days. I am collecting apple seeds, which is a long story and could be its own blog post, but I’ll leave it as “remembering childhood” for now. In this Great Apple Experiment, my first priority is taste, and so I bought almost a peck of gorgeous NC mountain apples from the Farmer’s Market. Here is just a sample of the harvest bounty:

Back row (left to right): Jonagold, Cameo, King Luscious Middle row: Arkansas Black, Rome, Stayman Winesap, Gala Front row: Pink Lady

Back row (left to right): Jonagold, Cameo, King Luscious
Middle row: Arkansas Black, Rome, Stayman Winesap, Gala
Front row: Pink Lady

Strangely, the first few apples I ate were bland and disappointing. So I decided to enlist my apple thief. Last night I set the bag of apples on the floor, and in her excitement, Hanna immediately honed in on one of the Jonagolds. I was surprised, since in the past she has shown a strong preference for sour, like Granny Smiths. This apple turned out to be extremely sweet and good, and I’m not usually a fan of Golden Delicious types. So this morning I repeated the test, and now being used to bags of apples arriving from the sky, she was more selective in her choice, circling and sniffing the fruits until I had to stop her from chowing down on an Arkansas Black.

And wouldn’t you know it…that apple was amazing too. Spicy and crisp and tangy, just like an older apple variety should taste. Hanna of course gets a cut of the treasure each time.

I wish I could carry her through the Farmer’s Market and have her hunt produce for me. I bet people would pay for the novelty of having their apples individually selected by a discerning bunny.