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Release the fandoms!

My sewing machine was earning its keep last week, because I made these in preparation for a gaming event we had with friends last Saturday. It’s no secret we like boardgames, and we tried out a dice/card game called Dice Masters. We did it draft-style, which means you get a group of friends, buy a bunch of packs of cards, open them together in a massive flurry, and then have a system where you dole out the cards to everyone, gym class line-up style, so at the end each person has created a deck they can hopefully win games with, as you then face off in matches.

Here is what a 96-pack draft looks like, with just the dice and some of the cards in the background. Ours was X-Men flavored, which somehow means you also get characters like Captain America, Ant Man, and Iron Man on your team. Go figure.

dice1As evidenced by the picture, Dice Masters involves a lot of dice, and as a special treat, my husband and I wanted to surprise the group with custom, extra-large dice bags. We tried to be discreet about it, and asked everyone for their favorite color and favorite fandom. (Spoonflower saved me on some of them.) After getting to know a lot of the fabrics in Jo-Ann’s, my husband decreed these would  be fancy dice bags, with a black velvet liner.

A silky-smooth interior, and some people used their bags as mittens :-P.

It was Gamer Christmas! Thankfully no one figured out our plan so it was a surprise.

I have to say I was in the middle of the pack in the tournament, but I was pleased people liked their plastic polyhedron containers.

Brownie (and geek) points if you can name all of the shows and video games referenced by the fabrics (don’t mind the purple one, our instructions were “generic sci-fi” so we picked ray guns), or the title reference.