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Behold, my first attempt at dollhouse upholstery!

Sette1aI was originally going to make my little millers a nice bedroom suite in the attic, but once the roof was on, I realized just how small the space was. So I decided to make it more like a normal attic, with odds and ends in crates, mismatched furniture, and a little reading nook carved into the storage space. The residents would pop up here once in a while for a respite from their labors.

I needed a companion for the rocking chair, and wanted something squishy, so I made a loveseat. My friend and I had found this neat rustic-style fabric at Walmart that I knew had to be a sofa one day. Since my semi-historical house is set at 1904, I needed a design that was more characteristic of the time, and less like the poofy La-Z-Boy couches we have today. As usual, Pinterest showed me the way. When I realized what these pieces of furniture were called camelback settees, it immediately cued the theme from Laurence of Arabia in my head. Because camels.

I’ll confess it took me a good part of a weekend to carve the front piece out of basswood. (I also screamed many curse words internally when it broke during staining, if you noticed the crack on the front).

Profuse thanks are in order for the famous and generous Kris and her blog full of top notch tutorials. I specifically used the ones on upholstery and making piping. I made the base out of scraps of wood, paperboard, and short lengths of dowel. Most of the padding is felt.

Settee3aWe’re just going to ignore the fact that the settee (and most everything else I plan to put in the attic) would have never actually fit through the opening by the ladder to get into the attic.