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I’ll preface by saying I’ve never watched Dr. Strangelove (which my husband says I should rectify), but the phrase got stuck in my head and had to come out of my fingers. Said fingers have also been dodging slivers of wood lately, since the dollhouse kit is full of them. Not wanting to give them to whatever child one day owns this, I have been waging a war, with a sandpaper arsenal at my command.

My first officer is one of these:

Ryobi1My dad and I have a secret soft spot for Ryobi palm sanders, and I went with the quarter-sheet model so I could use any sandpaper I wanted. Ryobi probably saved me five hours of sanding, between all of the furniture and house parts, and that was just sanding the flat surfaces.

I don’t have many photos of this part because 1. Sanding Dust + Camera = Bad and 2. It is a boring step. I did do the obligatory taped mockup to get an idea of the Tudor’s size.

Tudor4The irony is that in the instructions, it says sanding the dollhouse is optional…Perhaps if you don’t like your fingers, or children very much. I guess that’s what we do for children. We soften up the world’s rough edges.

Next time, a splash of color!