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Sometimes I can take it slow with creating my minis, and sometimes I’ve given a piece away moments after declaring it “finished.” At least twice I have put on the last details for a gift in the passenger seat of my husband’s car on a dark winter night en route to a holiday function.

Well, this Monday night wasn’t the closest I’ve cut things, but it was pretty close.

Monday was the annual Christmas party for my miniatures club, and in addition to eating lots of tasty potluck dishes, we have a gift exchange. Last year I gave a bunny toy (also finished in the nick of time and his bow was still drying on his tiny body in his gift box at the party), and this year I had a whopping six spare hours before the festivities!

The gift had an Asian feel thanks to my UU project, and I made a bonsai tree. Being a bit impetuous and on a 7-hour deadline, I went with my gut on shaping the tree and didn’t look much at the styles and composition of bonsai until I was almost finished. Mine turned out to be a pretty masculine (jagged and angular, with a sturdy trunk) moyogi (informal upright) juniper in a masculine (rectangular and deep) pot.

BonsaitreeThe tree is made of some of my dad’s copper wire leftover from his electrician business. I spent an evening with some pliers and my parents watching murder mysteries on Netflix and shaped the body. The cardboard bon (“shallow dish”) took a good deal of my allotted time to shape and paint, such that I was gluing green tufts on the sai (“planted tree”) during my lunch break at work.

I included a couple of glass Buddhas (in normal and fun size) since Buddha gained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, and it is not uncommon to have a small Buddha statue near a bonsai.

My art teacher in high school would always ask us if something was life imitating art or art imitating life. I guess I’ve gone meta, since I’ve got art (a dollhouse miniature) imitating life (a live bonsai), which is imitating both life and art since bonsais are art pieces, shaped to mimic full-grown trees in nature. Perhaps I’ve gone doubly meta, since I made a miniature thing of a miniature thing?

Happy Holidays ya’ll. 😛