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Hanna had to be included in the Hawaiian house, and while she was not overly pleased at the time of her portrayal (she’d been a naughty rabbit and had been put back in her cage early), I think I captured her essence pretty well.


If the Disapproving Rabbits site was still taking submissions, she would have been a shoe-in. This Pinterest link is the best I can do to show you their former awesomeness.

I went to a Chinese New Year festival last year and there was a kind calligraphy artist who did requests and explained them as she painted. The original “Happy Bunny” is framed in my office, but I copied the text.

finishedbunnyWhat I didn’t know is half of the characters denote the parts of speech. Starting at the top, this one says “Happy” “Adjective for” “Upcoming noun” “Rabbit” and “End of sentence.”

I have a tendency to overdo things (surprise) and so it’s a good exercise to do something minimalistic. As you can see, it took a lot of practice before I got an appropriately Hanna-esque result.


The one complete bunny and the thirty-something partial bunnies chilling in the ether.

More posts to come!