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Muahahaha these round things are all mine!

I really apologize for disappearing since early February with the conclusion of the Undersized Urbanite. (I won second place in the experienced category, which I’m grateful for, and this year’s entries were very imaginative!) Since then I’ve had my nose to the grindstone on my Master’s project, my day job, a friendly commission for cartography, and helping out the clubs I’m in, to the level where sleep and social interactions have been luxuries. Once May rolls around, you will find a much more relaxed, crafting, and blogging version of me.

In the meantime, here is what Hanna’s been up to lately. I’ll make use of today’s date to cheer for the Make Mine Chocolate campaign and others that promote not giving children live bunnies at Easter, because many will end up in shelters or worse. Based on her age when she was found, Hanna could have been an unwanted 2009-model Easter bunny, but I think her story turned out alright :-).


In other news, I have been stealing away tidbits of time to put finishing touches on Bonnie’s house, and it will find its new owners in May as well.

Here’s an in-progress teaser until then. Are those two little ears I see?