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Good tidings everyone! I am one exam away from being done with my Master’s of Public Health, and figured I had time for a quick post.

My miniatures club just had their annual Christmas party and it was heartwarming as always. As is tradition, we did a gift exchange, and my contribution this year was this little 2″ fellow.

steiff1Yep, I went back to bun side after two years and made another rabbit toy. Whenever I think of miniatures and Christmas I imagine tiny Victorian homes festooned with all of the holiday trimmings, and the simple yet elegant toys the children would have played with a hundred years ago. I recently learned about the history of Steiff plush toys, so I made a little Steiff bunny complete with the button in the ear. It was a nice reason to test out a set of Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils, and the bun started out all white.

steiff4As a bit of trivia, I fashioned the name Wishcraft from the idea of thoughts becoming real, and have long loved the story of the Velveteen Rabbit. It is also part of the reason why my logo has a bunny, but don’t tell Hanna because she doesn’t like to share the spotlight.

Speaking of Hanna in the spotlight, she recently ventured onto our new sofa, with a bit of help by making her some stairs and a cave system  :-). The video is a bit long, but is good at showing how bunnies methodically explore new places. She’s doing pretty good for a 2009 vintage. Sorry for the dreaded cell phone black bars.