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The Pokémon homage has been coming along and I make bursts of progress now and again, but I was reaching a point where other projects seemed rosier.  I realized the reason was that for the Pokémon scene to be effective, everything has to look a certain way. Making something another fan would identify as accurate is a great challenge, but that marvelous and detailed world has already been created and I am bound by it.

I let my mind wander and arrived at a tiny café in the middle of Tokyo. A quaint tea shop that is also home to a group of rabbits, who are patient with the guests but well cared for. The shop’s name and its nuances have quickly fallen into place, and in a few days the lasercut pieces will arrive and I will have this project’s possibilities to balance the requirements of the other.

In the meantime, while Tea and Bunny remains a sketch and an idea, I can point you to a couple of cute videos of rabbit cafes (here and here) and you can see what I’m thinking on my Pinterest board.

I’ll be hopping between the two projects, and another donated house, for the next several months, so hopefully something in the mix will tickle your fancies :-).

As for a pet update, Gill’s fins keep growing and I’m about to change his name to Rapunzel. He also hardly ever stops moving, except to sleep curled up in the grass. His genetics still baffle me.

He’s a month and a half older on the left, and still a hyperactive ham.

And nothing says “buy me a massive sampler of fancy hay” like a sudden onset of ileus on a Sunday morning. Similar to her E. cuniculi bout a couple of years ago, Hanna went from bouncy and voracious to hunched and not eating in like two hours, and it took her several days to recover. I learned that lacing meds in banana slices only works three times. And bunny owners all know their lives are ruled by their tiny charges.

She only likes the oat hay. Sigh.

Happy Easter everyone!