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I’d been perplexed at how I could have roughly 20 in-progress blog posts drafted and the bunny café almost assembled, yet not have any posts ready to show for it. Turns out that in working on everything at once, nothing’s really finished yet :-).

To show what I mean, and to make up for my relative silence, here is a big spoiler photo of some of the pieces and parts!

The walls and floors are almost ready to go together, and so I will share an in-progress view of the inside of the bunny café and how I got there.

Breath of the Wild = Amazing soundtrack. Brownie points if you ID the critter in the back right.

Trust me to pick a complicated wall treatment when a simple coat of paint would have worked. But I’d always had this quirky design in mind for the café, with stenciled rabbits frolicking on abstract hills, so I wasn’t going to settle for less.

I’d custom mixed paints for past projects, but for the sake of not running out and being able to do touchups later, I picked the palest green Ceramcoat makes (nicely enough called Green Tea). At first I was worried the paint was too dark, and it is darker than what I’d imagined, but I came to like what it does against the light wood. I lasercut the bunny shapes out of cardstock, but actually used the protective masking tape that comes on the cardstock for a sticky stencil.

Maple stripwood was the closest thing I had to the hinoki I used in the floor. The model shipbuilding company I bought the wood from had sent me two thicknesses of maple, so I alternated them to get a more interesting surface. It took most of a Saturday to cut and glue all of the tiny strips, then carefully clean them up with blades and sanding.

The main drawback of covering the walls and floor of a miniature house before assembling the structure is careful trimming to make sure everything fits when the magic moment comes. Especially in this case, since in my many hours of looking at photos of Japanese businesses, I noticed that baseboards and moldings are not the norm (unless the establishment is going for a European look), with walls and floors that cleanly transition into each other. Yet these little lengths of wood hide many a sin in the dollhouse maker’s world, and I mourned their absence.

Expect to see the outside of the café in a future post, now that I think it’s stopped evolving :-).

And speaking of spoilers, Hanna is enjoying the spoils of being a spoiled bunny.

A couple of weeks ago she sprained her ankle running around like a crazy person. She’s all better now and got lots of meloxicam and a newfound like for cuddling up to microwaved heating pads. She was 95% better by this point, I just thought it was a cute photo :-).

And last but not least OMG, my work was highlighted on Ponoko’s blog, the place where I get the super fine laser cutting. Thank you so much!