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I’ve wanted the bunny café to be as accurate to the locale as possible, and a merry distraction I’ve enjoyed is teleporting around Japan with the help of the Streetview function of Google Maps.

Google has put impressive effort into visualizing a handful of countries, even granting the ability to go inside some businesses. These are marked with orange dots on the map, while the blue dots are 360-degree outdoor views. I usually started by searching for a pet café, then plopping the little peg person down to go walkabout.

Some things I’ve noticed on my Google Maps excursions of Japan:

  1. There is little, if any height difference between the street, sidewalk, and store entrances. No tall curbs to trip on, but sometimes platforms or steps are present, often made of wood slats or concrete.
  2. If there could possibly be plants on the doorstep, patio, or nook, there will be plants. This goes for businesses and homes.
  3. When you click an orange “look inside dot”:
    1. Chance of finding a bar: 30%
    2. Chance of finding a nail or hair salon: 30%
    3. Doctor, chiropractor, or dentist’s office: 20%
    4. Restaurant or café: 10%
    5. Something random, cool, and unexpected: 10%

Here are some of the highlights of my virtual tourism, in no particular order :-):

A peaceful train station

A cat cafe I happened to find

A gym with a costumed rabbit?!

Okunoshima (aka, Rabbit Island). “Walk” around and you will see lots of bunnies.

Virtual golf

Florist shop

Ceramics store

A tucked away temple 

A beautiful spot, though I’m not sure of its purpose

Toy section of a shopping mall

A park dedicated to Hans Christian Andersen

A conveyor belt sushi restaurant

A delectable cake shop

I hope you enjoyed the tour, and maybe do some “traveling” of your own.

Happy New Year!